Friday, April 15, 2011

Primer - Gideon Coromaur & His Outpost.

Gideon Coromaur has always been an enigma, little has ever truly been known about the mighty Machiavellian merchant. It is rumored that he got his start years ago as a freelance shipping and trade merchant who excelled at logistics. Finding a run down space port on the verge of bankruptcy, Coromaur purchased it and set about turning it into a central hub for surrounding systems.

While the New Republic remained in power, however, Coromaur saw little business. Mainly that of pirates, freelance merchants and mercenaries. Quickly he managed to master dealings with his clientele and earning his burgeoning reputation as a shark among sharks. Once the New Republic fell from power, Coromaur found himself in a unique and prized position. He alone stood centered among several systems, without political ties to any faction and able to neutrally handle goods and services. He was now a hot commodity, and he knew it.

It has even been rumored that Gideon Coromaur has displayed signs of mutation in the form of prismatic eyes, pale skin and silver hair. His own impressive method of carrying himself is only enhanced by these unnatural traits, and to further his own reputation, stories abound of Coromaur displaying abilities that diffused or absorbed some forms energy directed at him. Weather or not these are true or enhancements to his image is unclear, but the effect is unmistakable. When stories are told to newcomers of Coromaur's Outpost's legendary owner that he has been seen to absorb blasts or diffuse attacks, you make certain to be wary of the canny conniver.

The Outpost itself is well known to be self-governing with little to know outside police activity. In fact, often when A.D.U. officials visit the outpost, they are treated with equal courtesy openly but often find a slight imperceptible difficulty while engaging in bartering, diplomacy, gathering information, searching or even practicing a profession. For members of the Rogue Alliance, though, it is often the opposite.

Many items, even rare or unusual can be found aboard the Outpost, and not only that, often slightly lower than the common cost. However, this comes with a caveat; you never know for sure weather or not it is legally obtained or comes with it's own history. As such, buyers should often purchase with caution, lest they run into legal ramifications once away from the Outpost. 

Most people find their way to Coromaur's Outpost out of necessity; seeking work, ship repair, refueling, etc. Just as easily many find reasons for leaving such as amassing dangerous debts, fear of locals, and other factors. Coromaur's Outpost has become a valuable and needed location, but one not visited by the unwary or the meek. It can be a den of sharks, so travelers are warned.

A few pieces of advice for those who do visit the Outpost; Never deal with Coromaur, avoid bar fights, don't always bring coin, keep yourself armed and on your guard.