Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Digital Immersion - Part 5.

Finding a small thick growth of trees, Evelyn paused to consider her handiwork. That blast had certainly caught her foes off guard, just as it would most inexperienced mecha pilots for the simple fact all too often they considered a bipedal mecha. Perceived superiority of a familiar form and manipulators capable of wielding a variety of weapons had clouded many a soldier's view. Just as many beings had come to think of themselves as superior combatants to many beasts, when the simple truth is it is the pilot who must maximize what is at hand. Their own ignorance had allowed Querent to out maneuver and escape, and she would have to instruct them in the cost of tactical ignorance. 

Her mined honed now with the edge of adrenaline fueled combat, she let her senses sweep out and direct her sensors. Even without their beacons active, the three pilots burned in her vision, their increased thermal discharge highlighting their advance. Evelyn could hear the words of one of her instructors ringing in her ears; "Even when facing a numerically inferior opponent, it is often wise to gauge that forces strength and capability before engaging." It was obvious to her that these three hadn't been paying attention, either that, or they considered themselves to have far too much advantage to consider such a simple caveat. Either way, Querent was certain; class was about to begin.

The most standard position in any squad is the rifleman, an all to often overlooked asset. Farrow may be able to try to pin her down with area covering barrages, and Everett suppress her with automatic fire. But the truth was every squad relied on it's rifleman, and without it, that squad would be handicapped. "Pop quiz, Jeffers," Querent whispered aloud as she reached out with her mind and took aim.

Measuring their approach she waited, letting them get just close enough to feel confident as they hunted for her. As if she was exhaling a held her breath her mecha erupted with a violent volley of rockets. The swarming salvo struck all around her attackers exploding in a wave of concussive force and sending a thick fog of dust to cloud the air around them. Blinded, they were completely defenseless as she charged by, and belly mounted auto-cannons roared to life chewing through Jeffers before he could even register what hit him.

As the smoke cleared, Farrow spun around unleashing his own deadly waves of gunfire randomly, only to find their prey once more vanished. "Hold your fire," Everett ordered, trying to assess what had just happened." "She got Jeffers, that coward," Farrow yelled with fury. "No real loss," Everett remarked, "she should of aimed for one of us. Perhaps her reputation has been overly hyped."

Once more safely hidden, Evelyn watched and decided that her class was in terrible danger of failing.