Monday, April 11, 2011

In Coromaur's Debt - Part 10.

"I hope your not having second thoughts," Coromaur's calm theatrical tone declared, unbidden from Ghost-Face's onboard communication system. "Not entertaining any ideas on double-crossing me are you?" Too busy focusing on navigating clear of the transport, Viper had no time for pleasant conversation. How had he overridden his ship's communications anyway, and more importantly did he know what was happening right now? "Kind of busy right now boss, I'll have to call you back," Viper interrupted as he detected several different incoming vessels.

"I am aware of your present difficulties," continued Coromaur. "Let me remind you, a job was agreed upon and there is a debt to be paid. Deliver the package, kill anyone who so much as approaches you, and under no circumstances do you or anyone tamper with or indulge your curiosity as to it's contents. Am I clear?" Frantic, Viper set coordinates and maxed his throttle, he had to get clear before any of these new arrivals decided to take interest and pursue. "Yeah boss," with a quick jerk Viper pulled loose his comm's wiring.

He was instructed to deliver this thing to some remote facility somewhere, and then his job would be over. But to do that he needed to stay alive, and considering the swarm of ships flooding around the transport behind him, that was looking to be a difficult challenge. Desperately, he needed to buy some time to think. But as he watched one of the ships break away and move to follow him, Viper knew there was little chance for that.

Ghost-Face was just a jumper, a one man ship designed for short to medium range travel. It didn't have any weapons on-board, but if they wanted his cargo, they couldn't destroy his ship. They'd have to cripple it and then manage to recover it from him intact. His only hope, he knew, was if he could land somewhere and take them out on foot before they could reach him. Changing course, Viper plunged towards a cluster of asteroids, and prayed it would buy him enough time to reach somewhere he could land. By the tribes, he prayed this was going to work.