Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Digital Immersion - Part 4.

Galloping along Evelyn scouted, her eyes keen on her sensors for any sign of where the drones must of landed. Not seeing any signs she figured they must not of activated yet. With a sigh she relaxed herself, let her mind go blank and free. Setting in the seat handling the controls never had felt right to her, or natural. Evelyn let her heritage flow through her, she let her mind expand and slip into the mecha frame. Like changing clothes her consciousness bonded into the mecha's systems and at once she could feel it's armored hull as if it were her own skin. Reflex reached out from the back of her mind to test itself, gripping at the weapon systems, rotating and tracking with the back mounted turret and testing the other weapons.

Lieutenant Querent could feel the alarm her systems registered; she had lost the transiting location beacons of her squad. Focusing she scanned through her various systems only to find everything working properly. Somehow she had lost her squad's location as well as communication with them. Something had to be up, as the commanding officer it was her duty to determine what had happened and ensure her men's safety. Flexing her limbs she could feel actuators and servos powering the units legs into the ground, driving her back towards the landing craft. Evelyn could feel the increasingly rushing wind glide across her frame.

Her mind saw every detail the sensors and vid feeds provided, and as she races back shock gripped at her core. Taking up a position of overlapping fields of fire, her squad stood, taking aim, and fired. Jeffers first greeted her with his own poorly aimed shots, her momentum and speed clearly too much for his training. He simply hadn't any training against such a maneuverable foe. It was Farrow's own barrage of artillery that littered the ground around her as she dodged about to avoid his slower rate of fire. Everett however, he held his fire, Querent was certain his was ensuring his own shot before he opened up his own automatic rifle.

What to do, Evelyn's mind raced, she stumbled at processing what could cause her squad to attack her like this. A hail of gunfire and explosions decided for her, instinct kicked in, roaring like some wild beast she bit into the hard ground and shifted her course. Their tracking thrown off, her attackers tried their best to adjust only to find their quarry moved like a fox, zigzagging her way into the distance. The last sight of Lieutenant Querent that her ex-squad managed was her disappearing into the distance, punctuated by a handful of pops.

Jeffers was the first to scream in terror as the superheated mass delivered courtesy of the lieutenant's ARM Lancer's ripped through his mecha's plating like tissue paper. "Calm yourself," Everett calmly quipped. "It's panic fire, nothing more. She is on the run. Besides, she barely hit you, your unit is still functioning." Farrow himself chimed in as well; "How in the heart of a black hole is she geared with ARM Lancer's? I can't even mount them, let alone fire on the run?"

"Clearly, this prey has claws," Everett remarked. His own mind begging to calculate just how much more her chassis might bring on the black market. Surely even as scrap it would hold more value with ARM Lancer's.