Sunday, April 17, 2011

Digital Immersion - Part 2.

Isolated within the safe confines of her mecha's armored core, Evelyn breathed a sigh of relief; she was home once more. She lived for the time when she was in the pilot's seat, her mecha felt more like a trusted and dear friend than a complex machine. So much so that in truth she preferred it's company to that of other people, something that quickly labeled her as a distant and unusual pilot. Many just chalked it up to another quirk pertaining to her skill and left it alone. Her superiors never cared, she always got high marks on all her exams and no matter how she behaved, they was sure she would deliver them results whenever she was deployed.

Programmed routine directed her fingers in a rhythmic dance along her controls. Methodically  she entered her mecha's command code and let it purr to life, it's humming engine all at once comforting, like a lover's heartbeat. She double and triple checked all her systems until she was completely certain everything was powered up and reading perfectly within specifications.

Two minutes still remained before they would be landing, and yet Evelyn noted two of her three squad members were only just now climbing into their units. The third was already onboard his, but had only just begun to activate his systems for a pre-launch check. She was really going to have to put these three through their paces she was sure. Watching as they made their preparations, Evelyn couldn't help but wonder how these three would handle their own mecha - stark contrasts to her own. Each of them were using the more common bipedal units, equipped with arms complete with manipulators allowing to handle various hand-held weapons. Unlike her own quadruped unit, that espoused arms in favor of mobility and enhanced stability. Yet another thing that distanced her from the others.

Marking their coordinates as they touched down, Evelyn was already ready for the launch doors to open. "Alright, gentlemen, I'll proceed ahead to scout and establish the enemy position. You three will set up a perimeter and cover the ship. Await my command and then we will link up to engage them." Evelyn left no room for debate or commentary, and launched herself into motion once the doors opened. Her mecha charging forward like some primal beast ready for the hunt.

Behind her three squad-mates exited the landing craft slowly, not even bothering to keep weapons raised and ready. Their comm units linked in a closed channel as all three double checked their own modified mission objectives. Objectives that listed one lieutenant Evelyn Quarrent, a confirmed bioid, as the primary target.