Thursday, April 28, 2011

Agent of Faith - Part 3.

Fury-filled, Corinthia Grael exhausted her drop pack's fuel supply as she let her own determination to drive her. The situation awaiting her was a simple one; a small bad of locals had manage to get an explosive device near a New Republic drop ship. Their threat was simple; do as they said or they would detonate their bomb. And if they did that, Grael was sure the drop ships munitions, not to mention itself would also detonate. Or worse, if they managed to get control of the ship and the supplemental arms it carried they could escalate this riot into a full blown conflict. No, she had to end this, and fast.

As he approached the scene, she released the spent drop pack from her back and took a moment to survey the situation. A small band of locals were tightly grouped together near the drop ships open rear hatch. Laying at their feet were the bloody remains of what appeared to be the ship's pilot, a clear answer to why the drop ship hadn't taken off to avoid just this situation. Spaced out behind cover a handful of New Republic soldiers had taken up position, their weapons trained on the rebellious colonists.

"Let's talk about this," an officer pleaded. "We're prepared to negotiate and try to resolve this, but you have to deactivate that bomb first." A voice rang out from the little clump of colonists, angry and coarse. "The New Republic has never kept it's word, we cannot trust you, or them!"

Careful to keep her composure, Grael stepped forward and tried her most demure demeanor she could manage. "As an official Agent of the New Republic I am authorized and can assure you that that statement is incorrect." Her tone, quiet and clear as she risked a short step forward. "If I may, I would like to speak with you in hopes of resolving any grievance you ma have."

Nodding their consent, Grael moved forward slowly. To their eyes a single lady with only a chain-blade seemed little risk. They could always use her as additional leverage. Calling for her to pause a soldier touched her shoulder and whispered; "Are you sure you want to do this?"

Her answer was automatic, like a trained reflex; "Have faith."