Monday, April 25, 2011

Primer - Gadgets

"Where does he get all those wonderful toys?"

The answer for a technician is simple; they make it. One of the key features of the technician class is their ability to hobble together rough devices out of parts on hand for short term use. As a testament to my own belief that anything magical can become sci-fi through a simple spin on it's description, I thought I might share a selection of possible gadgets technicians can make based on arcane spells from the d20 SRD. Let me know what you think, and if you have some ideas(or challenges) don't hesitate to let me know.

*Note - Virtually any arcane(or any kind of) spell can be converted into a device in some way through flavor. If you don't see an adequate gadget listed feel free to look up a spell and it can then be quickly converted into service.

0 Level
Illumination Emitter; This simple little gadget is an easily rigged and useful device among Technicians. Once crafted it'll run for about 10 minutes per Technician level on it's power source. It sheds light outwards in a 20 foot radius and dim light outwards in an additional 20 foot radius.

Minor Anti Gravity Projector; A simple rod capable of projecting a short and low powered anti-gravity tractor beam this device allows a Technician to grasp a light weight object(up to 5 pounds) and move it. It's maximum range is 25 feet + 5 feet per every 2 Technician levels. The projector will only function so long as the Technician actively maintains it's use. Once disengaged it ceases function, requiring a constant operation in order to maintain it's power sources recycle rate.

Power Scanner; A small and easy to assemble meter this device can detect other Tech objects based on their power source and allows analysis of the power sources strength and some other qualities. It has an effective range of 60 feet and can operate for up to 1 minute per level but requires a Technician to focus on it's use.

Acidic Derringer; A simple one shot firearm this close range(25 feet + 5 feet per every 2 levels)weapon delivers a small dosage of improvised acid in a condensed ball. It deals 1d3 points of damage.

Code Analyzer; Technicians focusing on security penetration and generalized security both make great use of code analyzers. With these gadgets a Technician can analyze large segments of code rushing through a device, terminal or piece of software. A Technician may analyze and understand up to 250 words per minute even if the code language isn't known to them. Furthermore a Code Analyzer can detect trip commands with a DC 13 Knowledge(Technology) check, a greater trip command with a DC 16, or any other command with a DC 10 + Implanters level. An analyzer will only function for up to 10 minutes per level.

1st Level
Door Jam; A Technician learns over time to utilize simple makeshift devices in order to affect more complex devices like door remote systems. At a distance of 100 feet + 10 feet per level the Technician can close and temporarily override the doors open command. A door so jammed will remain so for 1 minute per level and will have it's DC's to open increased by 5. A Technician can only jam a door of up to 20 square feet per level.

Holo Projector(Fear); This little gem will generate a horrific holo-projection capable of frightening anyone who approaches within 25 feet plus 5 feet per every 2 Technician levels. The quality of the projection though will only affect creatures of 5 HD or lower and only for up to 1d4 rounds. Targets may make a will save to disregard the hologram. Creatures affected become frightened. If they make their Will save they are shaken for 1 round. The device will generally only function until it is interrupted by someone passing over it(i.e. making their will save and continuing on).

Universal Translator; A marvel among marvels this device can translate spoken or written text from any language into an understandable one and vice versa. The translator can only function for up to 10 minutes per level and only affects the Technician or person wielding it. Text can be translated at approximately 250 words per minute. Code or images cannot be translated.

Cart; A Technician can even build a simple make-shift cart to transport him or her around for short times. It will function for up to 2 hours per level and can carry the Technician and up to one other person or small amount of gear and will move at a speed of approximately 60 feet.

Micro Shield Generator: This device projects a riot shield size disk of force in front of you. It negates force blasts directed at you as well as providing you with a +4 shield bonus to AC. The Micro Shield Generator will function for one minute per technician level.

Inferno gloves; A single use gadget this little gem sprays a burst of flame 15 feet from the wielders hand. This causes 1d4 damage per every 2 Technician levels to a max of 5d4. A reflex save may be made to reduce the damage in half. Combustible materials will ignite if they are in the area and any character may attempt to extinguish themselves or objects as a full round action.

2nd Level -
Acid Blaster; The acid blaster is a compressed improvised acid launcher capable of launching a condensed burst of acid 400 +40 feet per level. The acid itself deals 2d4 points of damage and no splash damage. For every three technician levels (to a maximum of 18th), the acid, unless somehow neutralized, lasts for another round, dealing another 2d4 points of damage in that round.

Illumination Negator; This object radiates shadowy illumination out to 20 feet that absorbs all light, granting all creatures within this area a 20% miss chance do to concealment. No device of lower level is capable of penetrating this devices anti-illumination effects, not even common porta-lamps etc. The Illumination Negator will function for up to 10 minutes per Technician level and can only be penetrated by gadgets of higher level.

Endless lamp; This lifesaving little gadget has been a staple among many travelers, colonists and miners. It generates light as the Illumination Projector, and produces no heat. This gadget never ceases to function.