Thursday, April 14, 2011

In Coromaur's Debt - Part 13.

Viper watched with a growing numb-like tingle along his left side as another shell took flight for the mecha foe. Exploding into a brilliant blossom of blue crackling psionic fire it poured over the mechanized vehicle burning at electronic systems as it fought to cripple them. Like a dying spider it faltered, it's legs unable to hold it's central body aloft. Servos and actuators failed, like a cascading chain reaction driving the monstrous  beast into the dirt, it's guns silent.

With a slow strutting gait, Viper marched up to the helpless vehicle and jerked open the hatch. Flailing around the pilot's head tried to pan around, still blindly trying to comprehend what was happening. Shoving his arm in, viper let two quick pop's from his namesake silence the handicapped adversary.

Anger filled the lone lobain as he walked back to Ghost-Face. "May he join the lost tribes," Viper yelled to the empty air. How was he going to get out of this one, already he had to deal with an assassin and a mecha. What would come for him next? No he needed an insurance policy and he had to bet on Coromaur's clout. Only one option presented itself to him.

Crudely Viper set himself to repairing his Comm system, and as expected, once he was done a familiar face greeted him once more. "You want this, right?" Viper growled. This time, it was Viper who dominated the conversation and launched into an ultimatum before Coromaur could respond. "Then come and get it." With the fever of suicide bomber, Viper slammed a data jack from a neural port into the box, linking it to his brain. Instantly the world vanished, his limp body falling to the floor.

Calling up another vid-screen, Coromaur dispatched another transmission. "Ashkar, would you be so kind as to retrieve something for me, along with someone who also belongs to me. I'll arrange for transportation and the services of a Tracer to aid you. I want both intact. A debt must be repaid." Grinning, Coromaur purred inside like a contented cat. Much like a casino, he always won in the end.