Friday, February 25, 2011

Cry Oscry - Part 1.

Langia; a predominantly aquatic paradise with rich seas of icy-blue
and scattered clusters of islands marked by gleaming silver capped
peaks. Brightly colored creatures glided through the air riding wind
currents so effortlessly they appeared to be permanent living miniature
rainbows and stars. A moments glance beneath those majestic and
honest waters revealed further wonders. Sleek and graceful wildlife
moved about like living rays of light. Some clearly more vast than
the shuttles that landed and others so tiny they were mere twinkling

Standing alone on a rocky expanse a single figure was poised taking
it all in for his first time. His face was an expressionless mask,
save for eyes of amber that burned like living lanterns. At a glance
any observer might have thought this slight figure just some tourist
out seeing sights, not even marked by gear or weapons. But subtle
clues betrayed him, a tell-tale exo-skeletal frame encompassed his
body. And a small socket at the base of his skull glistened heralding
him as a Ghost, something only rumors whispered of, his appearance
could only hold a single certain fact. Something was about to die at
the hands of Nailo Vael.

No matter the appreciation for the paradise moon's natural beauty,
this was a matter of business, not pleasure. It always was business
for a Ghost, and now it was time to get to it.