Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cry Oscry - Part 3.

Smooth stone greeted the solitary explorer. It's feel cool and yet at
once a tremor of old not yet silent pulse flowed through it.
Recollection hummed like an aged elder to whisper in Vael's mind. Lore
suggests ancient Langians established places of psionic power,
tapping to create places of sanctuary. If true, these ruins might
still harbor a pale shadow of it's former connection. It had been a
few years since curiosity had found it's way into the adventurous

Descending down a strange presence slowly became aware to Vael, one
he couldn't quite identify. The ruins began to alter as he went.
Strange markings began to appear, along the walls and floors. Even
the ceiling seemed to be beyond alterations. And then he saw the
cause; small insect like creatures. No bigger than an Alterian cat
they scuttled about barely 18 inches tall. They moved in rhythmic
unison, each one's 8 legs creating a steady pulse of activity. Sharp
pairs of pincers scraped at their surroundings as they chewed up
earth and stone only to join little trains of it's kind in some kind
of circuit.

Vael approached the closest specimen and willed a psionic blade to
life. It burned bright in the dark confines, it's light a flickering
reflection on the creatures chitin exterior. A single fluid motion
drove the weapon home, moving through air an flesh without difference
to burn at the creatures mind.

Surprisingly Vael felt no surge of pain as life fled the target of
his experiment. None of it's fellows even halted in their endless
labors, their rhythm consistent. Puzzled he expanded his impact on
the lifeforms before him. A few quick swipes with his blade of
burning psi produced only more unmoving corpses. Determined to be
thorough, Vael decided to dispatch everything before him still

Disturbed that nothing happened, Nailo Vael stood considering his
next course of action. Had this truly been all that awaited him? In
answer to his mental quandary a new sound reached out from beyond. A
sound that quickly introduced a different creature. Clearly larger
these now stood a good 3 feet tall, their pincers easily the size of
a terran arm. Vael counted at least 6 beasts when he also noticed
behind them a larger bulk moved. Slithering from their flank a mass
slowly advanced pausing every few seconds as it passed over the dead
Vael had carpeted the ground with.

With a lurch the creeping mass emmited a wet sound and a head like
forward portion of it's formed raised up. Vael was unprepared when
fragmented portions of the dead exploded through the air at him like
shrapnel. Reaching within Vael gripped the compressed ball his own
energies had formed and dodged the gore formed assault. Sweeping his
arm to his side he entered a crouching sprint aiming for the
advancing threat.

Like a whirling wind Vael spun and struck, as pincers snapped at his
blurred form. Missiles of gore continued to explode around him, shards
of chitin shattering against stone. Rolling back to a defensive
stance Vael thrusted the point of psi between his opponents pincers
and struck it's central body. Like before it merely ceased to move.
Shifting his focus Vael concentrated on his blade, bringing both his
hands together. It's light grew, lengthening into a beam of near
white psi. His eyes burned as if they truly had become fiery

Threat discovered his mind reported through his psicomm. Pulling his
fists to his side the blade of psi now reached above his head.

Beginning second parameter.