Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valiant, Detective Valiant - Part 5.

*Voomf Voomf Voomf*

Vicks and Mason's Hybrid type I's roared to life, engulfing the wounded snake in a blanket of pinkish-red energy. "Yeah, get some!" Vicks bellowed. "Take it all, baby!" Mason added. Both squad-mates eagerly kept firing. "Get clear Vincent" Gryph exclaimed.

Val pivoted, knowing the Rattlers light armor had to be near spent from the barrage. Feeling as he did the sudden rush of movement sweep over his head and a tidal wave of absolute dread gripped him. Adrenaline flooded through him, thought was lost to him, only impulse and primal reflex remained.

In an instant, as a volley of dozens of Wasp rockets took to the air in a swarm, Valiant surged into motion. Dumping all his internal thrust propellant his armor rocket towards the horde of projectiles, landing hard against a wall with a crash.

Rockets raced at him, debris began to rain down from the building that had halted his advance. With a howl Valiant growled, "Must. Not. Fail." Keying his Reliant system to life, a green sphere of pure force sprang to life, deflecting stone and rippling from countless explosions. The Reliant system was standard issue among ADU powered armors, capable of activating in an emergency to save from a fall or sudden massive onslaught.

Moments passed, and Gryph and the rest of the squad raced up, ready to dig out their squad leader. When the dust cleared they stood amazed, to their surprise Valiant stood unharmed, as he shrugged off a segment of mortar and stone. Beneath him, still trembling were a pair of small figures. Children, caught in the cross fire of a conflict that never should have been seen on these streets.

A quiet sniffle escaped Valiant, and only for a second could his voice be heard to crack. "Vicks, Mason, get these kids to safety and make sure they get a full trauma check. Gryph," Valiant turned to look right into her.

"Find me Arlan Drek. Now." Valiant's tone had become cold and certain. Like the looming promise of death itself.