Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Primer - Type II

Primer - Type II

The New Republic has never been perfect, still isn't. But in 3033
R.E., 7 years before the New Republic was torn apart, a project was
initiated in secret. Research had become available that led
scientists to believe artificially constructed beings might be
capable of sentience. It was approved and split in two, each branch
of the project was ignorant of the other.

One branch was charged with attempting to create a sentient synthetic
biological android. The other, a new, or second type of cybernetic-
robot construct, with sentience.

Withing a year Gael-Noir research had already discovered methods,
from the study of Uraor tissue samples, for creating and maintaining
flesh-like coverings. By 3035, the first fully functional Type II
frame was produced. Unfortunately, it lacked personality and
sentience. Work continued on the project but it wasn't until 3037
that a major breakthrough occurred.

A small envoy, sent by the Vel-Teh, was accidental exposed to notes
on the projects research. Intrigued the Vel-Teh requested to take
part in the project, asking only for a single blank construct and all
current data. It is now believed that this was also the same time
frame that knowledge pf the project began to leak and the Purgists
Party began to form.

In a private display, in 3038, the Vel-Teh and New Republic joined
together in announcing the birth of a new Race; The Type II. But
reactions were mixed, and political factions formed. Small scale
conflicts began popping up all over the New Republic.

By 3039 it became clear things were becoming unstable. Factions began
creating Type II's to emulate various officials, swaying votes and

causing wide spread political chaos. Purgist Party propaganda began to
reach the public and panic starts spreading like wild fire.

And in 3040 R.E., what is now known as 00 A.R., The New Republic as
everyone knew it, shattered. Ashamed, the Vel-Teh left the New
Republic. News soon added to the terror as the Bioid project came to
life. Technology to defend against Type II emulators was soon
obsolete against biological creations like Bioids. Political factions
began to scramble in the confusion to seize any territory or power
they could. Trying to deal with secession and public opinion the New
Republic barely managed to stay afloat, albeit a mere shadow of it's
former self.

Left adrift like orphans were the Type II and Bioid races. The Type
II, now forever bear the stigma of propaganda and distrust. While
they often look and sound like an average Terran, they often bear the
naivety of social inexperience. Some even lack the disguise of a
living outer covering and are un-mistakable as a cybernetic being. To
make matters worse on them Purgist Party propaganda has found a new
tool; The Virus "Grim."

The virus Grim's origin as well as it's mechanics still remain a mystery but what has been discovered is it's terrible effect. It
manages to strip a Type II of what it holds most dear; it's free-
will. Any Type II infected by Grim becomes a empty construct,
losing all self awareness. The only thing left is the drive to
survive, by destroying any non-infected being. Type II fear this new
plague as much as they fear the public image that now depicts them
as ticking time bombs or soulless monsters.

However there is hope for the new race. One faction has formed
calling itself Endless Dawn, their mission is to spread awareness and
equal rights to all sentient beings. They actively oppose the
hostility the Purgist Party pursue and strive to protect Type II's.
To further matters a safe haven has been created on the world of
Glorien. It has become a sanctuary and a beacon to all Type II and
those sympathetic to their cause.