Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cry Oscry - Part 2.

The final rays of Langian daylight faltered on it's serene waters as
Nailo Vael closed his eyes.

Mission Parameters, he formed the query with his mind, feeling it
being transmitted into orbit where his ship's systems received it.
The ships AI Artemis fed him a stream of data flowing back down.
Translating his psicomm converted the encrypted transmission allowing
hos brain to process it.

Parameter one; Locate and determine the nature of the threat. Two;
Eliminate that threat by any means necessary. Business as usual
thought Vael. He'd often been deployed on such missions, anytime an
undetermined threat was detected by sensors in a system. Which
considering the scope of New Republic space and Vael's case load was
quite often.

Focusing Vael centered himself, drawing his psionic energies into his
core. After decades of training his body didn't even require mental
command; his skin the shade of misty fog shifted slightly as a
measure of psi infused it, making it far more reliant than anyone
would observe. Raising a slender loosely closed fist he cold feel the
flow of mind and spirit, willing it into form. A rose-pink energy
flowered into life from his hand taking the shape of a short blade
that his mind commanded.

Without sound his hand rolled open and the blade extinguished, it's
light winking out. Time to get to work. Vael turned and reached out
with his mind, feeling the subtle flow of things around him.
Immediately the ruins in the distance caught his attention. Langia
was well known for it's ancient sights and sanctuaries, but this
one's flow was distorted. It's glow wrong somehow.

Nailo Vael approached the ruins entrance and transmitted a single
thought to his ship's log. Subterranean, engaging. Artemis acknowledged
and with that the lone Ghost vanished into rocky ruin.