Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cry Oscry - Part 5.

There. There you are. He could feel it, feeding off the gentle
trickle that the ruins still had flowing. The source of these things,
it was a beacon to his senses now. Burning with a stolen glow like
some pathetic leech, fattening itself on the psionic currents of this
sacred place.

Focusing Vael opened himself up, calling on techniques he'd been
taught as a child, overa century ago. His core, opening, spread out
like heated air. A vast collection of these creatures these "oscry."
That's the term, that was the rumored whispers among the ancient
elders. Fragmented lore even to their long reaching memory. They were
just stray stories of orphaned travelers and ruined glyph strewn
walls. Only conjecture and speculation led to the name; Devourers.

And here they were, nested all tight together beneath the earth. With
a thought his course was decided. Any means necessary was the
parameters, the outcome the only measure of his success or failings.
Dinner time.

Balling together almost all his reserves he pushed, hard. Sending his
spar down deep into the waiting pool below. He could feel it splash
down, adding itself to the massive depths. It sank for a moment, and
like a massive stone, he could feel the rising explosion.

With a shudder he could sense the sudden outpouring of pain. This
queen oscry burned and guttered like a candle ignited by a torch. As
the pisonic tide slowly dissipated, Vael returned to take in the view
once more.

Mission accomplished. Artemis set course for retrieval Vael sent to
his ship's AI.

"Burn you worthless soulless trash." And then to the Langian night,
Nailo Vael became just another Ghost, a mere passing memory. Once
more returning to the stars.