Monday, February 28, 2011

A Silent Affair - Part 2.




Alecto, slowly positioned her back to the wall and rose. She moved, becoming a part of the walls' shadow, hugging it. Gritting her teeth she came to a corner and tilted her head just enough to peer around. Before her lasers of green light traced an area on the wall forming a holographic display. Projected in the air was the all to familiar face of Senator Eulo Tashe.

And he was coming to Haeven.

A vicious wide grin spread across Alecto's face as vengeance illuminated her gaze. She clenched her fists and threw back her head, but no howl sprang to life. No sound at all. Eulo Tashe was a name even now she could not curse.

Not without a tongue.

A tongue he had taken from her.

A honeyed tongue he had accused of attempting to lure him into immorality.

And now there he stood, waving and smiling on this holovid replay of a recent newscast. The senator, it seemed, was going to be meeting a private conference on morality and social reform. Now that was one event Alecto could not pass up. Not with so much to say, and no voice to speak it. But a voice, that was one thing she was sure she could find a way to steal.

Driven with a purpose that burned within her she spun and charged the open window throwing herself out it and into waiting night. Rolling she came to her feet atop a mound of compressed snow. Scanning she saw only one other figure, a young man draped in a worn cloak. He stood next to one of the street lamps, a look of confusion upon his face.

A sly grin spread across Alecto's face, it wouldn't do to be reported at this hour, not with so much to do. A flick of her tail caught his eye, yes; she knew what to do. She rolled her shoulders back and shifted her hips ever so slightly, just enough to look playful. Lowering her head slightly she walked over, doing her best bashful routine.

Completely distracted the young technician wasn't prepared when he found a hand reaching to unclasp his cloak with a quick flick of her fingers. Shock registered on his face, and then something else registered. Five, very sharp, claws were poised ready to pierce fabric and rend his lower self. A single finger glinted in front of his nose ticking from side to side.

Gulping he whispered with eye's closed. "Take it. Just take it and go...Please." In a swirl of the cloak she spun it off and onto her, leaning over to kiss his cheek. Pulling the hood up she turned and winked at the now shivering technician as her feet carrier her off and back into the snowy night. Knowing the cold would make sure he could not spread word or alarm, no he'd be found by the morning snow sweepers, certainly.

Now to locate a private conference. Alecto Nyss just loved moral debate.