Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Blogged About You Naked.

I blogged about you naked.

Ha! Gotcha, made ya look. You were expecting something naughty weren't you? Silly little naughty monkeys.

But in truth some of us are setting on the eve before valentines day, looking about at the way others view the holiday. A good many of us, and I won't lie or deny my primal impulses look on such a holiday with carnal pursuits in mind. And yet for how many of us has it become such a holiday, a celebration of jewelry and flowers. Of fancy cars, expensive dresses and dinners. Of cards and grand gestures whose sole purpose is to be one single moment of the year to celebrate love, or for some baser beings an attempt to get "love."

Granted due to my situation, I have no flowers, no jewelry to adorn my love with. I can gift her with no card or elaborate and lavish gifts. I can't even take her out to a lovely dinner, nor even spend an evening alone with her. But I would like to think, that we celebrate our love in passing moments. When I go to rouse her from a nap, a gentle touch and whispered I love you replaces rose petals. When I preform some little task to ease her workload for the day I add some luster to adorn her magnificent body. The time I spend watching the kids to gift her with a few extra minutes to relax in a bath uninterrupted, well there is a lavish gown the expense of which I cannot measure.

I am far from perfect, I can never truly hope to be. I have countless faults and imperfections, but when I look into her eyes, they all melt and fade. My heart flutters and like a schoolboy I am lost to imaginary fantasy. So I guess in short, I blogged about you naked.

Ich Liebe Dich.

Note - To all readers I issue this one simple challenge; It will cost you nothing and is easy, celebrate those little moments. Enjoy the time you share together, it's free. Go ahead, I dare ya.