Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An interesting notion.

A little bug was planted in my ear today, that really has gotten me to thinking. Kindle sounds like a wonderful opportunity for aspiring authors to have a venue to self publish works. I don't know all the details granted but it has made me consider Requiem once again. Granted it'd require a deal of work organizing and polishing my notes and work to date. And it probably wouldn't have any graphics to speak of, since I have no talent for anything of the sort.

As far as cost, well I will be honest, I can't possibly expect much, but as a means of spreading my pet project in hopes others might enjoy it and generating interest my knee-jerk estimate is very low. Somewhere in the $2 range I think. Most people throw away more than that in the checkout aisle. 

However, nobody is gonna pay for something they aren't sure about the quality of. So I think over the next week(with any luck) I will step by step revise my previous Requiem short story and polish it up and see what kind of work I can make of it. Cause, it's really irritating me. I know it's not my best work and I have to fix that. So if anyone would be interested in my little notion or would care to explain how kindle or any other possible free publishing might work, please, let me know.

If nothing else, never hurts to polish and organize my notes. And, I desperately need the practice.