Thursday, February 24, 2011

A rusty geek is a sad geek.

Taking a momentary break from writing this morning I thought I would create a Facebook fan page for my blog. I know, I know, maybe now my annoying status spam might lessen it's assault on your feeds... Or will it?

Anyways, it was supposed to be a quick anybody can do task, or so I assumed. Even armed with a knowledge of programming and HTML familiarity this sad geek soon realized he was horribly rusty and out of his depth. I engaged the wisdom of sage-like geeks whose levels reached epic, and still I sat confounded. Try as I might incorporating something so mundane as a Facebook like box was beyond me. The realization i was over-complicating matters didn't even help.

With great despair I must concede this geek is way too rusty. I did manage it though, and wanted to smack myself when I did figure it out. So if your on Facebook you can like the new fan page, and please do. It should, I hope, turn out to be a great way to keep up with the blog.

Let this be a lesson to all geeks, I had taught myself HTML all the way back in 1994-5, before entering High School even. And yes, I have used it since, I used to use it quite a bit. But unfortunately even us geeks can become rusty in some of the very things people claim make us geeky. So practice, review, you don't wanna loose any levels like me, much less suffer a -4 when attempting to use tech.