Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valiant, Detective Valiant - Part 4.

His glossy blue armored exterior reflected the bright lights of Taral
VII as he thudded along the course I-O had highlighted before him.
Each step a surreal yellow dot marking another degree closer to a
danger he now raced towards.

But detective Lewis's eyes told a different story as ghosts swam in a
sea of memory to haunt him. Trying to force them back down, to lock
them away he focused himself on the Rattler. The eminent threat it
presented, promising aloud; "Not again. Never, again." Without even
realising his thoughts had managed to find their way into being
voiced Val kept moving.

Referencing his overlay, the target should be straight ahead. With a
sigh of relief, he registered the armor's black and grey mottled
exterior. Valiant readied his sidearm in one and hand and drew a
grenade in the other.

"Gryph, I'm engaging the target. Vicks, Mason; Hold your fire until I
give the order. Position yourselves to flank and overlap your fields
of fire, I'll keep him occupied while you take position. I'm counting
on you Gryph, keep an eye out, we don't want this turning into a
surprise party."

With a grim resolve Valiant charged the Rattler, activating the
grenade as he did. Taking aim he gave the grenade a good throw
delivering it near hid foe's feet. In mid stride it detonated
throwing it's in-experienced wearer off balance. Valiant gave his
quarry no time to react, quickly his namesake sidearm roared to life.
Iridium slugs ripped into the light plating that made up the
Rattlers' armor.


Struggling to stand, the Rattler raised an arm and Assault Blasters
roared to life. Small caliber rounds sprayed at Val as he triggered
his internal thrust stabilizers. Tiny jets of compressed gas sprang
to life adding to his own momentum, and threw him out of the line of

*Bam Bam Bam Bam*

Four more slugs struck the Rattler's light armored frame, the impact
distracting it's victim from Valiant's next move. Confused and in
shock the Rattler had no time to react, much less for it to register
as another riot grenade bounced off it's chest and detonated in the
air before it. This time the concussion and discharged ions rippled
over the scout frame. electricity crackled as many of it's systems
ceased to respond.

"Open fire." Val's voice was cold and harsh, with only a modest hint
of urgency. His gun still trained on what appeared to be a now
helpless foe.

"You got him, sir." Vicks attempted to point out. "Yeah, he's toast
Val," Mason joined in.

"I gave an order; fire, before his systems..." Valiant fell to silence
as his armor's sensors alarmed. A targeting lock had been

On him.