Thursday, February 24, 2011

A post of whimsy.

I found myself considering what to stir up into my next tale and watch what pops out tonight when a thought of sheer whimsy struck me. While looking over a detailed write up I did on one of the races that populate Requiem I discovered there was quite a bit of detail just sitting there. Now, while it was structured, and still is, for being included into a d20 role-playing game I couldn't resist an urge to share. Bear in mind this may not be a regular kind of post, and one I may or may not repeat for obvious reasons.

But here now, just because it feels right, I present the Gael-Noir, rules and fluff and all. Enjoy, and please, let me know what you think. If your familiar with the d20 system, this should be perfectly understandable. I guess in a way this is a sample or glimpse into something I've tinkered with since I was around 9 or 10. Be kind and please, if nothing else respect my intellectual rights.

Stern and disciplined the Gael-Noir have upheld their ancient traditions for ages. They have become symbols of intelligence tempered through deep faith, however even they are not without mirth or frivolity. When threatened these frail and demure beings show their true worth wielding uncanny psionic abilities and cunning technology with deadly precision and grace.

The Gael-Noir are a mature and long lived race. They often take time to weight the importance of events with patient indifference before rash judgment or action. Gifted with a keen mind many Gael-Noir spend their youth satisfying their curiosity rather then filling their pockets with riches. A skilled and well versed Gael-Noir is often seen as being wealthier in their society than any Kry-Santhian merchant. Dedicated and loyal a Gael-Noir is slow to befriend but true to one made. And woe to anything that strives to stand between a Gael-Noir and something they set out to accomplish.

Physical Description
Gael-Noir are on average between 4 and 5 feet in height with a rare few rumored to be juct under 6 feet. Their often found weighing between 80 to 130 pounds. However all Gael-Noir possess a natural grace and frailty. Their skin is pale, often with subtle shades of gray, purple or blue. Their eyes are large, with solid irises that can vary from blue, gray, orange or even purple. All Gael-Noir are completely hairless, devoid even of facial and body hair. They tend to prefer simple garments and forms of dress that are functional and comfortable. Even jewelry is little seen in Gael-Noir society save as symbols of office, authority or as signs of self mastery of psionic ability. Many races tend to view Gael-Noir as pinnacles of aesthetic beauty, admiring their angular features and humble looks. Gael-Noir reach maturity around 150 years of age and can live to be upwards of 900.

The Gael-Noir do not, however, require sleep as some species do. They instead enter a 4 to 6 hour meditative state, granting them the benefits of a nights sleep. During this period they allow their minds to review history lessons from their youth, learned accounts of ancestors, as well as mental exercises and self training. The Gael-Noir may also forgo even this need by tapping into their innate psionic reserve and may draw sustenance and renewed vitality from their own psionic energies enabling them to go for 24 hours without food, water or even rest once they have tapped their inner reserves.

Gael-Noir often view Terrans on the whole as trusted friends and allies, having proved themselves so over the years of friendly coexistence. They do however still find them to be somewhat less than enlightened. The Krynean Tribes, though, have earned respect from the Gael-Noir for their deep sense of honor and committal to free their home-world, and others from the onslaught of the Uraor. Even at the cost of their own civil peace. They see in the mighty Pathenians a seemingly intellectual brother they can meet on equal terms while they find the Vel-Teh to be somewhat misguided. The Kry-Santhians however seem to a point of contention among the Gael-Noir as they appear as trivial and petty, concerned too much by things made or money gained. However it is a point of pride among the Gael-Noir that no lesser being is ever treated with anything less than the polite and civil etiquette of the Gael-Noir.

The Gael-Noir as a whole care greatly for the safety and security of others, causing them to lean towards Good more than not. Focused and dedicated towards their ancient traditions the Gael-Noir lean strongly towards law. However, some still harbor strong ties to the freedom and self expression of the gentler side of chaos.

Gael-Noir Worlds
Gael-Noir often inhabit worlds of simple natural beauty, going to great lengths to exist there without harm or damage to their environment. Gael-Noir cities are often carved from living crystal and stone, or interwoven in majestic living wood. They have developed effective methods over the ages of growing food and herding livestock in almost any terrain. They do rarely exist in large numbers though, instead choosing to exist in small clans of no more than 150 to 175 members. Needing little due to self reliance very few outsiders have routine dealings with the Gael-Noir.

As a race, the Gael-Noir have no central religion. Instead they practice a monastic dedication to their unique racial understanding of psionics. They spend years dedicating themselves to the art of focusing mind and spirit into a singular force that keeps them in harmony and unison.

The Language of the Gael-Noir is actually a hybrid form of communication. They speak their fluid common tongue of Norian, with it's complex grammar in public and use it for the basis of their commonly circulated literature. But they reserve their deeply intoned and chant like Gael for songs, poems and recitals of their traditions.Many other races have taken to using both Gael and Norian in their own art and literature due to it's old roots and deeply intoned meanings.


A Gael-Noir, when coming of age, selects their own unique name. Their name is usually a combination of Gael or Norian words they use to identify themselves. This sometimes is done by selecting an ancestors name and adding another word or modifying it slightly to show connection as well as difference. They also take on the name of their clan which they always use before their own name.

Male Names include; Aramil, Aust, Eni, Hei, Ivellion, Sesh, Sevaris, Therimor, and Vael
Female Names include; Anavaris, Corinale, Delinia, Eidoru, Ielenia, Layne, Valanthe, Zorshea

Clan names(Common Translation); Anaril(Starlight), Caelimbar(Wind Wind), Galenoden(Moon Whisper), Liadon(Silver vein), Nailo(Nightbreeze)


Gael-Noir often take up adventuring out of wanderlust or a desire to appease their curiosity, often in their youth finding the constant exposure to new experiences appealing. Often finding themselves to be less rash as Terrans Gael-Noir often take up roles that grant them more care and judgment in their actions as well as freedom to travel. Gael-Noir often find themselves as curiosities while traveling through use of their psionic training, often enabling them to locate new techniques and constantly hone themselves.

Racial Traits

- Gael-Noir are medium sized creatures
- Base speed of 30 feet
- Gael-Noir receive a +2 to Charisma and Wisdom, but suffer a -2 to Constitution and Strength. Their wisdom and inner will drives them but their bodies have suffered at the cost of their mental disciple.
- All Gael-Noir begin with 2 power points in addition to any gained by feats or class. This is due to their natural psionic ability.
- All Gael-Noir begin knowing 3 simple psionic abilities;
  - Resiliance - As an immediate action a Gael-Noir may expend a power point to gain a +4 on her next saving throw.
  - Resistance, by focusing their psionic auras around themselves a Gael-Noir may lower damage taken by 2 points per power point spent.
  - Repletion - A Gael-Noir may forgo the need for food or water for 24 hours at the cost of 1 power point. 
- Psyche Strain (Ex) – A Gael-Noir’s psyche is abnormally strained by cybernetic implants. Each such implant causes undo stress on the Gael-Noir’s mind and spirit causing them a cumulative -2 penalty on all manifester level checks and costs the Gael-Noir 10% of the implants cost in XP (This is in addition to any other XP costs of the implant).
- Gael-Noir gain Autohypnosis and psicraft as class skills.
- Gael-Noir begin with both Common and Gael-Noir Languages
- Gael-Noir treat Psionic Steel as a martial weapon instead of exotic and are automatically proficient with a Longblade.
- Favored Class; Ghost for Males and Nomad for Females