Monday, February 28, 2011

A Silent Affair - Part 1.

No sane person with half a brain would be caught dead outside at this hour in Haeven. The wind alone stabbed and teared at anything left exposed to it. Ice and snow could be found piled everywhere, even atop the lofted old building in the Merchants Quarter. Yet on one such roof more than snow was spread out. A figure, barely visible to the casual observer could be seen, if any other dared brave such weather.

Alecto Nyss stretched with a casual yawn, letting fresh snow fall off her. An awkward figure to be sure, she stood atop a snow blanketed roof as dusk deepened around her. A suit of white thermal-wear clinged to her skin, fine fur the hue of winter began where it ended. Pale blue eyes pierced the darkness as she studied her surroundings.

There would be no moon tonigt, Alecto knew. The lights below flickered, threatening to plunge the quarter into shadow. Haeven had often been burdened with a shortage of maintainable tech systems. Sniffing at the air Alecto tilted her head contemplating the scents that greeted her. No one else was about, as expected.

And then the lights flickered one last time before falling dark once again. A victim of worn equipment in sore need of repair. The night however was alive for Alecto, her eyes adjusted quickly to the welcoming twilight. Flexing her clawed fingers she marked her path along the silent rooftops and sprang into a run. She lept and twisted in the air every bit the acrobat, an elegant tail of ivory bouncing behind her. With practiced ease she grasped at eaves swinging aloft only to land and vault once more over empty alleys. Whipping snow the only witness to her performance.

And then suddenly she padded to a stop, grabbed at the roofs edge and lifted herself into a handstand. Carefully Alecto measured her balance and bent over the edge to plant her legs around an outcrop of masonry that once had been some ornamental statue. Feeling a firm hold she let gravity slide her around to hang upside down and twisted. Meeting her gaze was a single sheet of neoglass serving to reduce those dwelling within from dependence on artificial lighting sources. A quick twist and tap and the black disc in her palm removed a section of neoglass. Alecto's ears perked up, her attention focused on detecting any sign of alarm.

Sensing no movement she slid her other arm in and released a catch allowing the neoglass to slide aside. Firmly gripping the frame Alecto pulled herself in and landed in a low crouch. Her tail playfully swaying. Now all she had to do was locate the Byleth Sapphire...

A single click broke the silence. And in an instant Alecto became a form of alabaster stone.