Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valiant, Detective Valiant.

A fluff piece at first but I hope to develop it into more of a character piece about Detective Vincent Alexander Lewis. Here is the first piece, more to come as it develops. Hope it's as enjoyable as Blood and Scrap. Figured I'd try to give another venue or change of scope, broaden everyone's view of Requiem. So without further adieu;

Personal log
Vincent Alexander Lewis, Detective stationed on Taral VII

Seems like forever since me and my patrol were stationed here on Taral VII, and it's a nice enough world, very urban, and very civilized, at least when regarding modern conveniences. Taral VII is a never ending workload for us. It's known for both it's night life and the near constant tourism traffic; that means crime, and lots of it. When the local gangs aren't engaged in some dispute over turf or tech the off-world pirates are making envoys to lay claim to their own "piece of the action."

It seems some military grade powered armor and weapons have found their way to the streets. Streets that have no need for such tech whose only purpose is bloodshed. Arlan Drek must be involved, a known local arms dealer and peddler in contraband. En-route to track down Drek for questioning, just got meet up with my squad for chow and then begin the hunt.

End Entry

*Boom* An explosion rocked the crowded streets and screams filled the air.

"Gryph" Val spoke firm and crisp into his comm. "Give me a direction, I-O; tactical overlay. I wanna see markers on the squad and  I want to know who's making a war on these streets." A map of faint green lines soon found it's way into Val's field of vision. "I-O," an edge started to creep into Val's tone as he started heading towards directional markers on his display, "Get that PTV moving and position yourself for full Intel support, but maintain cover." Without a thought or break in stride Val reached for his suits' internal holster and drew his Valiant sidearm, bringing it to track targets as he ran.


[To be finished when permitted]