Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Silent Affair - Part 3.

Memory haunted Alecto, memories of other nights with the moon still held high and bright. Those were different times. She had actually believed she was being given a true chance to leave the streets. For weeks she would receive nightly visits from well dressed men, escorting her to various private rooms. Always to meet the same waiting man. A young Senator then, just growing in his station and one with an appetite for the exotic.

Eulo Tashe would whisper shining promises into Alecto's ears, offering lavish gifts. He even begged her to leave with him one night. But that night, he had something else in mind. As she gathered her things eager to flee to a life of travel she found herself escorted not to a waiting ship, but instead to the back room of Haeven's Marshal.

In a twisted speech he recounted a tale of absolute fallacy. Furiously he demanded she be punished for having been a vile temptress of the night, claiming her honeyed tongue had sought to destroy his morality and that and he would have that tongue removed as a warning to others.

Terrified and in restraints Alecto Nyss could only weep as cold coin was exchanged for discretion. Wailing and howling were the last true sounds she would ever remember uttering before waking bloody and cold in a dirty Haeven back alley.

If Eulo Tashe was returning to Haeven, then Alecto would bet her tail that he'd be using the Marshal to keep things quiet, and that would mean more payoffs. With a yawn she took to a low roof and spread herself out. There would be time to wait and watch, and patience was one thing the shadows had taught her. As snow drifted down she closed her eyes letting her chin rest on her arms.

The wolf of winter would soon see justice, even if she had to steal it.