Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Primer - Currency.

Currency in the New Republic has become a double-edged thing, some folk still cling to the credit-based system forged by the New Republic during it's reign as the unifying force, and others prefer to use various minted coins. A simple translation has been found that allows for the use of either when making any form of transaction.

New Republic Credit        Value        Coin
Silver(Rs)                          10            Platinum
Blue(Rbl)                           1              Regal
White(Rw)                         1/10         Scepter
Black(Rb)                          1/100       Colonial

All manner of New Republic Credit is issued in the form of a silicon chip embedded with encoded encryption to the specific account it comes from and for it's set value, the transfer of that chip(it is in the shape of a simple coin) then transfers the ownership of that value from one account to the other. The manner of monetary exchange is highly traceable and is often monitored constantly to prevent theft and counterfeiting. Thusly many illicit goods and services are often paid for with(and preferred) minted coin.