Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Nameless Night - Part 5.

An angry cry was borne on the wind to assault Nox’s ears, yet the ground itself held no sign of an approach.  Behind him, fast approaching, a small craft rode a blanket of air with a small four man squad standing on it. Each one wore sealed suits of armor, and held large rifles trained at Nox. At the front a single figure trained a mounted weapon at Nox, waiting to enter it’s range.

A stocky figure in blue armor pointed out to the form of a lone Uraor walking away from a massive conflict. Was this one off to raise more of these beasts to arms? Or perhaps this single coward was fleeing in hopes of survival. Barking into his armor’s comm-link the blue-clad man commented to his fellows. “Seems we missed one. Let’s pick it up,” nodding he motioned to his left. A slight squad-mate clad in green and grey returned his nod. “You give him a thorough scan, I want to know what this one is up to. Might be of value and might be we’ll need to deal with him like the rest.”

Tapping the shoulder of a black and purple armored gunner, he continued. “You hear me, just drop him first. We need info before we decide what to do with this one.” In response to the order the gunner reached over and adjusted his weapon, shaking his head as he did.

Closing into range the gunner eagerly squeezed at his trigger, and the moment he could he fired off three quick bursts. Each one struck true, finding Nox’s back and driving him to the ground, momentarily stunned. Rolling over he met the mirrored face plate of a slight green and grey armor that had just jumped down to land crouching by him.

It bent over him, as if to study him. Nox could feel a strange pull from the stranger as it tried to probe at his mind with it’s psionic energies. Unfortunately, his psionic probe met with what all Uraor posses, a gaping empty void. Something about Uraor physiology left them devoid of all psi, and as such, they tended to cause psi to drain right out of those around them. Like a black hole draws in light.

As Nox’s head began to clear, it seemed to him that this stranger’s very strength was ebbing out of him. These weak cowards were covered in shells in some fear that they might be harmed. Not a one even held a weapon to stand against a foe to it’s face. Thunder rolled within Nox’s chest, and he found rage welling up. Even if he was a child, these before him held the standing of infants to him. Rising to stand the frail form before him tried in vain to manifest some strange wall of light, only to watch it flicker and fade as it’s psi trickled away. Fury fought to blind Nox, insult ignited his blood. This was what had dared to challenge the Uraor?

Excitement filled his arms with fresh strength as Nox grasped the figure before him as he pulled it’s top from it’s middle and flung the pieces aside like discarded waste. A roar to rival his father flung from his mouth as he charged forward, blasts flying all around him. Some struck him, knocking him off course, but not before another fell. It’s face plate a crumpled heap.

It took a massive burst at point blank range from the gunner and blue clad foe to rebuff the assault of Nox. Quickly the two worked to restrain their catch, all the while keeping weapons trained on the brutal barbarian. As their adrenaline died down and pulses slowed, greed overrode the desire for vengeance.

“Cassius would pay handsomely for such a specimen for his arena.”