Thursday, March 17, 2011

Primer - Weapons.

Over the years there have been a great many weapons to fill the hands of those who have explored the depths of Requiem. I thought this time I might highlight some of the most infamous or perhaps a few lesser known.

Praetor Mark III - The Praetor is a pinnacle of New Republic weapons systems development. As a variable weapon platform it can alter it’s configuration by adding various modular attachments allowing it to reconfigure for a user’s deployment needs. The core unit is a very efficient and proven side-arm, having seen service for over 50 years.

Praetor Mark III - Base Damage 2d4 - Critical x3 - Base Range 50 feet - Damage Type  Energy - ROF Semi-Automatic - Weight 3 lbs - Medium Size - Ammo Capacity 50 rounds on a standard Power Cell - Cost 40 Regals/Blue Credits

Praetor Attachments -

Extended Barrel - This modular rifle barrel allows the Praetor to better focus and condense it’s firepower allowing for increased range. Adds +25ft to it’s base range but reduces efficiency, causing a standard power cell to only produce 40 rounds before needing a replacement. Cost - 5 Regals/Blue Credits Added Weight - 1 lbs.

Kinetic Charger - When the situation calls for more force or you’ve been designated point man this Large-bore barrel turns the Praetor from side-arm into a respectable energy energy-shotgun. By altering the rate of fire into single shot requiring a pump action to prime the Kinetic Charger barrel charges and builds up an increased blast effectively increasing damage up to 4d4! However at the cost of both range and efficiency. Range is cut in half from the base unit down to 25 feet, and power consumption is also doubled. Meaning a standard Power Cell only provided 25 rounds before being exhausted. Cost - 10 Regals/Blue Credits Added Weight - 2 lbs.

Internal Capacitor - In effect this magazine like module enables the Praetor to improve it’s own efficiency of Power Cells allowing for increased ammunition from a single Cell. Once attached it increases the Praetor’s ammo capacity by +50%. So The base unit would have 75 rounds per Cell. Cost - 2.5 Regals/Blue Credits Added Weight - .5 lbs.

Recoil Stock - The addition of a stock adds stability to the Praetor frame as well as an internal recoil compensator. A Recoil Stock doubles the Praetor’s base range out to 100 feet. Cost - 3 Regals/Blue Credits Added Weight - 2 lbs.

Range-Finder Scope - Adding built in magnification, basic trajectory and zoom features the Range-Finder Scope allows the  Praetor to not only be effective at a longer range but to do so with fewer penalties. A Praetor with this attachment suffers the standard -2 penalty for shooting beyond the base range increment every 2 increments instead of each one. Cost - 4 Regals/Blue Credits Added Weight - .5 lbs.

Trigun - One of the first hybrid system technologies developed by Covenant Arms the Trigun was a great success. A testament to it’s reliable design it has seen use on countless worlds for well over a century. Some still cite it’s limited capacity and low rate of fire as weaknesses, however when facing one in skilled hands it is still a fearsome weapon. Capable of being outfitted to use Power Cells or it’s standard  15mm caseless rounds the Trigun still sees widespread use and is often handed down.

Trigun - Damage 3d6 - Critical 18-20 x2 - Base Range 100ft - Damage Type Ballistic - ROF Semi-Auto - Weight 5 lbs - Medium size - Ammo Capacity 3 rounds - Cost 30 Regals/Blue Credits.

*Note - Ace wields a modified Trigun himself, the handiwork of Twitch. In the place of Power Cells he uses micro-generator cells. Each cell can recharge itself within 18 seconds(Twitch improved upon their normal 30 second rate), allowing them to recharge by the time the cylinder makes a complete revolution.