Saturday, March 26, 2011

An Unexpscted Trace - Part 3.

As predicted Erael Rynn's ship, Albatross, had managed to return them to the burgeoning colony. A clear testament to Vel-Teh engineering and navigation, Albatross had managed to travel twice the distance any other vessel could have managed. And did it in half the time. Yet setting parked near the infant colony marked it's sleek and elegant profile as out of place, alien even. A stark contrast from dirt, mud and rough scaffolds framing makeshift structures.

With care Collins was placed into restraints that bound his limbs and limited his motion. It wouldn’t do to have apprehended his quarry only for last minute escape attempts or violence. Collins however had become morose and gravely depressed. He didn’t speak a word as preparations were made to present him to the waiting hands of colony officials. Hands he was certain that held a waiting death sentence.

Stepping out of the ship, the colony’s sun glared down trying to blind this strange new figure beneath it’s domain. Workers all around struggled under it’s heat toiling about at their tasks. But the presence of a an enigmatic stranger, with his curious markings was a foreign enough site for almost everyone to halt and stare.

MIRV came to a stop levitating behind his master just above a shoulder. Instantly Erael marked his presence and with a slow careful eye he took in everything around him. “MIRV, activate ship security protocol Alpha Prime. Just to be safe.”

One quick beep and the small droid confirmed the order. “Acknowledged, Albatross shields powered and ready to deploy as we clear the perimeter, sir.” Erael made a slight nod and then, grasping his quarry from behind began to lead him towards the local magistrate quarters. Still watching, their duties an absent memory, colonist set in awe as the vessel before them flashed now surrounded by a translucent curtain of force. Quickly they returned to their duties, hoping not to catch the stranger’s eye.

Navigating through the locals proved easy enough, most seemed to instinctively fear this unusual newcomer. Weather it was his odd markings or the fact he was armed didn’t matter. Erael easily made it to the Magistrate’s without incident. Entering he found the short portly Magistrate huddled behind his desk pouring a drink.

“Ah, Collins!” The Magistrate exclaimed, startled by the sudden entrance. “You managed to locate our wayward young friend, and so fast. Truly you are a... er, man of your word. A credit to your profession!” Chuckling the local bureaucrat rummaged through his desk and retrieved a small bag that he presented with a clink to the Tracer’s hand.  Curiously Erael pocketed the bag without examination. “You aren’t going to confirm the amount is correct?” The magistrate inquired, his brow furrowed with concern.

“If it isn’t, I will be back.” Erael stated, a hand on his signature weapon and the other still holding a restrained Collins. “As promised one fugitive colonist, returned.” Carefully Erael removed the restraints, and turned to face the magistrate once more. “Do with him what you will, our business is concluded.”

Interrupting, the oversized official attempted to seize Erael’s attention. “You don’t care to know his fate?” Collins’ own face twisted at the strange tone present. “Cause it is very fortunate that you returned him in good health, otherwise...” It was Erael’s turn to interrupt, “Not my affair, you paid me to bring him in, my part is done. Now unless you have further business, I will be on my way.”

“Actually, about that.” The magistrates voice quivered as he hesitated. “There is another matter that begs attention.” His demeanor shifted as he shuffled through papers to present a recent notice. “It, ahem, seems a nearby system has posted notice of a local researcher gone rogue. He, ah, he is wanted from violating laws concerning genetic tampering and experiment upon unwilling civilians and remains at large.” Large eyes now peered up at Erael Rynn, eyes filled with terror. “Here is the information, and the reward is, substantial. Please, you have to catch this monster before he makes his way here. There is no telling what he might do.”

Not needing a moment of thought, Erael could see the challenge that was staring at him. Could feel the thrill of curiosity mixing with the opportunity to test himself against this new mind. The reward never even crossed his mind. “He is as good as caught. Trust me.”