Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Primer - Krynean Tribes.

In a deep and isolated sector of system lies the lush and fertile world of Krynea. Over the span of millennia a series of tribes have developed and only in recent years can it be said that these tribes have come to shed their savage and primal heritage to adopt a civil and peaceful co-existence. That is, until an Uraor Scout ship located the Kynean home world and Uraor raiding parties  began their campaign to wrest the resource rich world from the Kryneans.

Facing such a sudden and violent threat the Kryneans were forced to revert to much of their older ways. The Uraor proved too much of a military power and many Kryneans were forced to abandon their home world in search of safe harbors, and those who could help them someday return to reclaim their homeland.

The survivors of Krynea are mad up loosely of 3 dominant noble tribes. Other tribes have become lost over the years due to exile or outright Uraor slaughter. The remaining tribes include: the Lobain, Altain, and the Ursian.


The Machiavellian dark nobles of the Krynean tribes. It was the Lobain who scrambled to organize against the Uraor invaders forming close knit pack-squads that they lead themselves into battle. Their prowess and traditions of the hunt and melee combat served them well and many Lobain still bear the scars of battle as marks of renown.

Members of the Lobain tribe have become legendary tacticians and fearsome foes. It often said of a Lobain that their minds are as deadly sharp as their honed claws. The Lobain are often marked among their fellow tribes by their canine features, even to the point of possessing a tail. Those gifted with wisdom however often find it safer to keep their tongue in check lest they make any pet oriented remarks.


Militant warriors to the last the valiant Altain bravely stood at the side of the Lobain against the Uraor invaders. Many of them soon learning to fear the vicious battle rage of the Krynean war cats. Their capable claws and stout jaws brought down many Uraor earning them an enduring respect from both sides of the conflict, and a wide birth.

Rage and blood lust is the birthright of the Altain, their culture deeply rooted in warfare. Of all the tribes though, the Altain are often the most unmistakable. Feline features set them apart from the other tribes and a single trait has become a widely known identifier of the tribe. A series of scale like bristles cover an Altain that, while calm, takes on the hue of a dull ashen gray. Once excited by battle their blood begins pumping, adrenaline flowing, and their bristles raise and begin as crimson. An Altain gripped with the thrill of battle is an unmistakable beacon in any fight. And best avoided.


The only tribe that refused to give up on the peace they had fought so hard to win, was the Ursians. Once proud titans among the tribes, regarded for their natural strength they went to war, but would not fight. The Ursian tribe made up the bulk of defensive forces and medical squads. They tended to the injured and defended flanks and camps. But they refused to actively inflict harm upon anyone.

Massive Ursian forms became beacons of warmth and kindness in the turbulent times, and all who saw one knew safety and relief. Members of the tribe tower over their smaller cousins standing often as tall as 8 to 9 feet in height. Their bear-like frame provides them with an impressive natural strength, but one their slow temper is often reluctant to turn to. Of all they tribes the gentle giants of the Ursians are gifted with the largest hearts, and it is they that most hope to restore their home world and recover the peace that was so long in attaining.

Together the tribes have managed  a tenuous stalemate against the Uraor, but with each passing day more invaders arrive to pillage and conquer. And more Kryneans are forced to fight to the death or leave their home world. Only time will tell if these noble tribes can preserver against the Uraor horde or if they will be forced to take to the stars like so many before them.