Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Unexpscted Trace

A dim glow illuminated the cabin, it source a table-sized display covered in high detailed star charts and maps. It was riddled with quasars and nebulae, vast segments of it highlighted with complex notes. And yet, still there were gaps, regions left unexplored, entire systems unknown.

Studying the complex array of information, Erael Rynn could always feel the old familiar tug at his heart. The desire to wander and explore. Raw curiosity begged him to discover, to know just what was out there and why it was the way it was. His six-foot tall frame bent over the display, subtly shifting prism-like eyes taking in every detail before him. A techno-organic patchwork of chrome began at his left hand and worked it’s way up his forearm ending in faint blue circuit-like traces that etched their way up his flesh to end around his eye and left side of his face.

Considered young, by Vel-Teh standards Erael Rynn had already begun the process of adaptation that their natural techno-organic symbionts provided them. The process often was known to take decades as it manifested, differing greatly for each Vel-Teh in it's form and effect. The outcome however was always the same; the Vel-Teh gradually changed, becoming hybrid being of natural cybernetics and flesh. Often developing based on various environmental factors and situations in order to help preserve the Vel-Teh. Erael however had not only started his own development at an early age, but also had radically chosen a different lifestyle than many of his forbearers. A fact that at present distracted him from the wanderlust that called to him.

Floating through the air a small metallic orb came to rest beside Erael, levitating just above his head. It's familiar synthetic voice sprang to life, a product of on-board components common among oracle droids. "Sorry to interrupt, sir. It's the fugitive, Collins, he still insists that he must speak with you.'"

Slowly Erael turned, feeling his long intricate braid of silver-threaded hair brush against as the motion caused it to sway. With a sigh of reluctance, he replied to the metallic messenger.  "Very well MIRV, let's go listen as he tries to regale us into releasing him." The little orb easily began it's course to return itself to the confinement area. Erael chuckled quietly to himself, realizing just how ironic it seemed. He could easily recall so long ago when he acquired a simple little oracle droid marked as a mobile intelligence and reference vessel  and now it can become MIRV, his constant levitating  and only companion.

"Well, let's go hear a caged bird sing." Not his first time bringing in a fugitive Erael was well aware that a caged captive is a dangerous and desperate beast. One that is terrified of what their deliver might entail and willing to do anything to avoid it. And as usual, Erael Rynn was already thinking a few moves ahead. A single pause and he picked up a collapsed Riot Staff and stored it in a sleeve sheath on his forearm. He often employed the simple weapon as a means of disabling foes, that was one trait common to his people that he never completely shook. Vel-Teh as a whole are generally a quite peaceful and non-aggressive race. But Erael Rynn was still a different breed, and as such next retrieved his favored tool of trade. A 2 foot long blade that was both thick and broad with an extended handle. It's very edge pulsed with a blue-white glow common among it's venerable cousin the pulse blade. Reverently Erael added it to his hip and took to follow MIRV.