Thursday, March 10, 2011

Grizzly-Bar - Part 4.

In the distance a squad of four inexperienced security personnel approached, each one wearing light shock armor. The armor was designed for civil defense situations and was capable of absorbing blows and even some light trauma, but against heavy fire they would offer little protection. Each squad member moved cautiously down the corridor a riot blaster in hand, even if they were trembling.

Grizzly watched, measuring the distance out of old habit and comparing it to the range of his cannons. “A little closer,” he whispered. Ace, now a crouched figure, set to Grizzly’s side; his gun drawn and ready.  There was no chance that the security squad wouldn’t spot them if they had ran for the ship, and with all the local security on alert they couldn’t risk an ambush. No, Grizzly thought, we have to take this squad out and then make our move while they’re confused.

Ba-Boom Ba-Boom

Grizzly’s cannons discharged into violent blue balls of concussive force each one sending a surprised security officer flying backwards, their armor crushed inwards. Experience soothed any guilt the ex-marine may have had; he knew all to well such damage to their armor would leave them unconscious and bruised. Their armor would be scrap but it would take enough of the impact to spare their life.

The two security officers that remained both fired wildly. Shock of surprise gunfire coupled with two squad members hasty mid-air travel had left them shaken. Without care or aim their riot blasters barked out non-lethal beams in every direction.

Ace took aim and placed his first shot into an exposed leg; someone hadn’t properly suited up, and now his leg paid for it. While his target fell to a knee in pain his second shot caught a weak point in his shoulder. He dropped his weapon and held at his shoulder, howling in pain. Leaving only one panic-stricken combatant before them.

Terror gripped the last security officer standing and he fired his blaster as fast he could. He shook it before him, desperately hoping to take out what he had begun to believe to be an army of monsters.  Blind chance leaned against Ace as a few stray shots struck his leg and abdomen, threatening to rob him of consciousness. The pain disoriented him, and had it not been for the Vernian Brew wouldn’t have been much of a problem. As it was everything was black and Ace could barely perceive that he could hardly stand.

“No body hurts my friends!” Anger flared within Grizzly once more, and his left Impact Cannon retracted and was replaced by a glowing emerald disc of humming force. With a shout he charged, firing with his right and keeping his shield steady with his left. Twice his cannon connected, knocking his foe about in the air. And then his shield hammered down like a wall and drove the limp form of the officer into the floor.

With no signs of a threat Grizzly deactivated his shield and cannon and raced over to help Ace up. “You know, I did try to warn you not to gamble this time.”

“Just get me to the ship,” Ace muttered. “A lecture from you right now might do me in.”

“You know, you are going to owe me some new well-stocked med-kits out of those winnings, right?” Grizzly began to chuckle as he helped the limping pilot hurry back to the ship. Only to once again find himself cut off, this time by a wall terminal.

The ADU was en-route, and Owerth II was in lock-down pending their investigation.

“You couldn‘t listen, not even just this once?” Grizzly continued on towards a waiting airlock, marked 7.

Groaning Ace rebutted, “Nope.”