Monday, March 21, 2011

A Nameless Night - Part 4.

As was the tradition, not one single Uraor was allowed to meet eyes with Nox. He stood in the lengthening shadow of twilight, alone as each and everyone belonging to the clan he would now never be a part of left. The prospect of everlasting shame was mercilessly driven home as he realized how he had almost bested a champion, only to allow weakness to cripple him.

Strength left his body as he tried to gather himself to leave. He tried to retrieve his stone edge but gathering his portarre proved too much. Nox looked around one last time at the emptiness around him that only minutes ago was filled with thousands. In slow shuffling gait he began his walk up the ridge to leave the clan. He hoped that even weak he could be out of sight before the moon fell from the sky, to spare the clan the sight of his shame.

Cresting the ridge a bizarre sight waited for the eternal youth. Nox had walked straight into the landing of some foreign ships. At least a half dozen black and chrome hulls purred down to land softly on the barren rock. Watching Nox saw the ship’s occupants one by one exiting as they donned armor and loaded weapons.

Anger flashed bright crimson in Nox’s vision. These cowards were weak, they dared to come here, to do dis-honorable combat with the mighty and proud Uraor? What manner of pathetic warrior would need some metal skin to protect him? What glory could there be in using such disgraceful weapons to strike an honorable foe from afar?

“I must call the clan to arms!” Nox thought, right before memory crashed down on him. His stomach turned, glory and honor of battle against such cowardly foes was no place for a child. He had shamed Lygo and Luna enough this night, to return crying of invaders would be an insult to the clan. They did not need his warning to deal with this threat, just as his weakness was not needed. 

Lamenting he could not stand to see glory against this foe, Nox turned to present his back to them. And traveled onward, the least he could do was remove his stain upon their honor so that they might shine brightly in the battle ahead. It wasn’t long before he heard explosions that shook the ground beneath him. Strange lights filled the sky, and with heavy heart Nox kept his back to them and continued.

A child is too weak to fight. He had proven that.