Monday, March 14, 2011

Trust A Twitchy Technician - Part 3.

Light and sound cloaked Noble Steed in a brilliant halo against the forces of time and space. The ship at once screamed in agony and yet fell as silent as stone to Twitch. All thought was lost to him, all calculations and analytical projections gone. A tugging at his stomach told Twitch something like gravity still affected them. That meant the Fold Drive was still engaged, but the ship wasn’t moving, he was sure the deck plates held no vibrations at all.

Which could only mean one thing; The ship was in the pocket of folded space the drive had managed to create. Setting between the two points they meant to travel between they instead were simple non-existent in either place. It was as if they had just slipped beneath the very fabric of space itself, if only briefly. Excitement exploded throughout every fiber of Twitch’s body, almost like…


Energy raced from the circuit Twitch had been working on, seeking a path to ground as it sought inevitably to complete itself. The easiest pathway it seemed to find, was through Twitch himself. The electrical arc flooded through the unlucky technician, he almost glowed as he pulled and jerked. As the Noble Steed’s interior left him so too did the charge flee the ship’s hull.

The Fold Drive powered down with dull whine, leaving the ship to slowly de-fold almost exactly where it had began. Confused Ace and Grizzly looked to each other, completely baffled. What could have happened, their eyes both silently protested to each other.

But before either could find words, much less call out to interrogate Twitch as to what he had done,  they spotted their diminutive companion. Twitch lay smocking and immobile beneath a console, and for once, they didn’t see him twitching.