Monday, March 28, 2011

An Unexpscted Trace - Part 5.

The research post Hybern had been established on an isolated rocky moon, and hadn't seen resident personnel in years. It's structure was mostly intact but already some of the facilities systems and equipment had begun to be salvaged or re-purposed. According to MIRV some power remained and a few minor systems but most of the more valuable tech, like security and communications, had already been gutted.

Patiently Erael positioned Albatross just out of site of the facility and monitored it for any sign of alert. "MIRV, give me a sweep of the facility, and keep me informed of Blut's location." Out of habit he double checked his equipment making sure everything was in order. His blade was always at the ready, never needing ammunition or power, and unaffected by environment. It would not jam or misfire, and because of that Erael prized it. Placed in his sleeve his Riot Staff was still collapsed and stored. At his belt he had added an assortment of grenades and charges, part of his plan. Erael prided himself on detail and as a contingency decided to set a perimeter, covering all the possible escape avenues his quarry might pursue. 

Dark sky and a sharp wind greeted the Tracer and his companion as they made their way off of Albatross. With a wary eye the professional pair approached the silent facility. Under the starry night sky shadows lent themselves to the featureless form of the mothballed post. And as they crept up through the silence no alarm greeted them, no motion betrayed their detection.

Entering Hybern, MIRV's internal sensors detected a single other biological presence in an inner lab. It took Erael only minutes to implement his strategy and lay a pattern of focal and adhesive charges tactically along corridors. As he worked he noted stale air barely circulated, Hybern's scrubbers must not be nearly as efficient as they used to. And if that was the case, how had Blut managed to stay here for very long?

With his pieces in place Erael Rynn drew his blade and prepared to face his quarry. "You clear on the plan MIRV?"
"Always am, sir," the orbiting orb replied.