Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Primer - Uraor.

The Uraor have become known throughout the vast reaches of known space as a savage and barbaric horde. Their very presence is often enough to strike fear in most sane minds. For the Uraor culture, and their very physiology have culminated in a race that is both hardy and fast-populating.

Uraor females are capable of having as many as 3-4 births on average in any given year. Some have been known to be able to have as many as 5-6! Generally born singularly, an Uraor infant is quite large compared to other races, and develops at an exceptional rate. By age 10-11 an Uraor child is considered full grown and allowed to undergo a rite of maturity. Males must face their fathers in a combat, to prove their blood is pure from weakness and that they possess the strength necessary to survive and be a valuable addition to their clan. If they can best their father, then they are granted the status as an adult and permitted to carry the clan name. However should they kill their father in the challenge then all their father’s glory and renown is passed to them, to carry the remainder of their days.

Females reaching maturity also must undergo a brutal rite. Elder females of the clan gather for the ceremony, and as a group assault the young Uraor with various implements to prepare her physically for the hardship that is mating and birthing in Uraor society. If male or female fails their rites, then they are cast out in exile. Without clan name, they are left to wander as an eternal child all their days.

Once declared an adult, new males and females are placed together for coupling. In order to pair up with a mate Uraor fight each other, male and female in order to find their match. A female that puts up the most fight against a given male, including preventing him from mating with her will become bonded to that male. Once bonded the two remain together the rest of their days. For the rest of their days even mated the two are destined to fight, keeping each other strong and helping to ensure weakness does not enter their bloodline.

Known as well for their bodies natural rapid healing the Uraor highly prize scars. A scarred Uraor is considered by not only his clan but others as well as highly honored and respected champion. Each scar is a testament to a mighty foe that has been bested but also as proof of their opponents strength. It takes a feat to wound an Uraor itself, but to cause such damage that their fast healing doesn’t erase the mark is something else entirely.

Yet of everything known about the Uraor, and all that is not, no written records exist. There is no written accounts by the Uraor or even an Uraor script. In there culture there is no concept or need for written records. All clan knowledge is shared by means of an Oral tradition. Tales worthy of memory are told to other clan-mates and handed down to each new member. It is this oral tradition that has kept every story alive from generation to generation. Considering the average Uraor lives only 30-40 years with rare few ever reaching 50, this is a marvel few other races can claim.