Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ace's Triple - Part 5.

Tension flooded the bar, extinguishing all celebration and leaving it as silent as a grave. Enzo hadn’t dared to move an inch, certain no luck remained in his corner. Sweat poured down his brow, his pulse raced, but still the money on the table called out to him. There had to be at least 130 credits on that table, a mixed stack of blue and silver, if only he could still manage to lay his hands on it.

Enzo gulped, his mouth devoid of any moisture. One last gambit was left to him, and desperation was whispering all too convincing counsel in his ear. Enzo glanced about the room, finding his voice a little shaky, he spoke in as steady a tone as he could manage. “So there it is, stranger. Your just another snake. Not content to cheat us out of hard earned pay now you sink to shoot an honest man? And you expect to just walk out of here, fattened on riches you didn’t even win?” Several other patron began to stir.

With a fluid grace Ace rose from his seat, his gin still trained on Enzo held level at his side. Casually he retrieved his winnings and placed them in his pocket, sure he couldn’t avoid a rush of angry locals for long. “You and I both know who was doing the dealing, friend.” Ace tipped his hats brim slightly as a contented smile lit his face. “So I must thank you for a pleasant game and take my leave.”

Anger and greed began to overwhelm Enzo, he stepped forward to confront Ace, his voice raising to near shouting. “And you think you can just walk out of here? You think that antique can take all of us out? You will never make it off this station you worthless cheat!”

A deep chuckle slipped out of Ace as he all but laughed at Enzo. “Boy, I have learned a good deal many things in my wanderin’, two of which are pertinent right now.” All in the room were glaring at Ace, and he could feel it. He could also feel one other presence, one as inevitable as the mess Ace had landed in. He shook his head and continued; “The first folk always forget is I don’t have to worry about how many shots I should fire, but rather making the one shot I need to make.”

Enzo’s brow furrowed and his anger diffused slightly, only to be  replaced by confusion. “Wait, what? What is this other profound lesson?”

“Not to make him angry.” A simple gesture directed everyone’s attention to a rather large figure standing in the doorway.

To be continued in Part 1 of Grizzly-Bar!