Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Silent Affair - Part 5.

Eulo Tashe moved like a madman, in a nervous swirl his shoulder collided with the door. Panting and frantic he found himself on the floor scrambling to his feet.

“What is the meaning of this marshal.” He squeaked.

“I’ve spent the last several years cleaning up after you. My job was never to keep your endless debauchery hidden away, I am the marshal of Haeven. And yet time and again I took your money to keep things quiet Eulo. Now it’s time to retire, and one last time I’m going to take your money and help keep your transgressions out of the public eye.” Laying on the desk in front of him sat a small grey square.  “Where is the money Eulo? Every record of every silenced complication is on that. I’ve lived with the guilt too long. I never should have helped you, especially not with that Lobain girl. Pay up. Now.”

The color began to drain out of Eulo’s face, now he stood the perfect semblance of a corpse. Slowly he reached into his coat for his money and gulped, finding it no longer there. Desperation filled his thoughts and panic seized him in it’s vice like grip. He ripped the gun still tucked into his pants out and leveled it at the marshal, both deputies hesitating to draw their sidearm’s lest they cost the marshal his life.

In a quick jerk Eulo snatched the waiting evidence before him and began to back up. “I just want the proof, anyone tries to follow me and they are going to get shot.” Like a bolt of lighting he flashed out the door, moving as swiftly as his feet could go. Flight was all he could think and in his rush he headed towards a back alley.

Furious rage filled the Marshal as he threw his desk forward. “Deputies, kill that two faced snake. I want his cold corpse laying in an alley within five minutes.” Like a command from the heavens his deputies sprang after the fleeing senator with pistols in hand, his tracks clear as spotlights in the snow.

All the while Alecto watched with a wolfish grin as Eulo’s panic deepened like a wounded animal on the run. She marked his course and padded off along the rooftops leaping down to land crouched before terror stricken senator. Her arrival almost unnoticed as shock had seized Eulo.

“How do I get out of here?” Eulo whimpered aloud, pointing his gun at Alecto. Her pale eyes of ice measured him, she tilted her head and shrugged.

“Eulo Tashe, halt where you are and put your hands up. You are fleeing official deputies of Haeven,” ordered Raeve. In that single moment Alecto knew, she could smell an almost ammonia scent on the air and could see Eulo’s eyes go dull and cow like. And then in a flash both deputies opened fire. Bursts of  energy ripped through the senator taking with them his life.

Both deputies hastily began their search of the corpse and set to work removing any key identifying items the senator carried. Neither had noticed Alecto still standing there. Not until the marshal arrived behind them and spoke did they take notice. 

“You wouldn’t happen to know anything about a break in involving a Byleth Sapphire would you, miss?” A single clawed finger was pressed to her lips.

“Sealed huh?” The marshal laughed despite himself. “For what it’s worth mine have always been too. And I’m sorry.”

At that she gave the marshal a warm smile and tossed the data card at his feet. In a whisper the marshal promised; “but no more.” When he looked up though Alecto Nyss was gone, like a winter wolf