Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grizzly-Bar - Part 2.

Growling Grizzly planted his feet firmly in place and stood ready as several locals charged him. He grabbed at the nearby table and with a groan it released itself from the floor to crash into a handful of attackers. A pair of assailants thought this was their chance and dove at Grizzly from the sides trying desperately to grab at the ex-marines shiny arms. Fear gripped them instantly as he lifted both arms and clapped the two together.

Enzo and the Bartender both registered they still had weapons to hand and  fired wildly into the melee. Grizzly was immediately lost in the chaos, reacting without thought, engulfed in a fight on some other battlefield he had been dropped into long ago. Ducking his left arm shot out to grab at Enzo’s outstretched hand ,  and took hold. Enzo didn’t stop firing, leaving Grizzly with singed fur and some grazing burns as he spun at the waist to throw the helpless projectile at the bar. Enzo and the bartender collided into the wall and slumped to the floor.

Seeing Ace backed away, two young men thought they might reclaim their fellows winning and jumped at him. One was surprised by a well placed uppercut to his jaw. The other caught a knee to his gut, and while his breath escaped him, Ace followed up with a quick hook sending him to the floor.

In the midst of the brawl some patrons were either too drunk or too bent on settling old scores and began attacking one another. Ace quickly called out to Grizzly to get his attention; “C’mon Grizz, you’ve had your fun, you plan on playin’ with them boys all day?”

But as the two turned to flee they caught eyes with two figures who had just walked into the bar. A well muscled and shapely Altain stood, her long black hair was streaked with smoky gray and pulled back into a long braid, a long rifle slung over her shoulder. Possibly a Gauss Rifle, Grizzly thought, as he saw her scale like plates begin to glow like embers.

Beside her Stood, tall and regal, an aloof Lobain, his fur a similar black with smoky gray streaks. The Lobain’s claws scratching at his chin as he surveyed the melee before him. The two grinned and began to step forward to enter the fray.

Ace grabbed at Grizzly’s shoulder, “Time to go, big guy. And I mean now!” A hint of emphasized necessity in his tone triggered a fuzzy memory in the Ursian, and suddenly he was sure his troublesome crew-mate was right. Dodging the mysterious newcomers they made a break through the doorway trying to quickly put ground between the bar and them. As much ground as they could.