Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An Unexpscted Trace - Part 6.

Standing alone in the center of a mostly desolate lab was a short thin little man, squinting at a small mini-com as he reviewed notes. His ruffled short cropped hair and current surroundings lent him the aura of some eccentric scientist instead of that of a mundane researcher. As Oliver Blut reached for a Nano-Med injector MIRV moved into position to begin Erael's plan. 

Standing in the open doorway, facing the would be splicer was a tall and regal Vel-Teh with drawn blade in hand. In a clear loud tone he called out to Blut; "En guard." Startled, Blut spun about, injector still in hand. His eyes were burning with madness as his lips curled into a sneer.

"Fool," he spat. "Your too late to stop me, especially with something as pathetic as that. You should never have come to face someone like me, alone." Laughing Blut moved to bring the injector up to himself. At once movement registered out of the corner of his eye as Erael slid in front of him. His blade ratcheted to the side, it's heavy broad side slapped Blut's forearm aside. Startled Blut tried to remain his grip as Erael's other hand shot up before his face with fingers spread forward. In a flash of translucent green a small disk of light appeared and struck Blut hard in the face sending his head spinning from the blow.

A casual step back and a short motion, and Erael jerked his blade, slicing the injector in two. In the sudden onslaught Blut hadn't noticed the image from the door way fade as MIRV deactivated his holo-projector. Now starring face to face with a skilled swordsman, Blut found himself dazed, unable to clearly think. Pulsating edges of a blade danced around in front of him now held in two hands.

Just as his mind seemed to be clearing those hands twisted slightly on their grip and those pulsating edges seemed to flash. Blindly Blut stumbled back, anger and frustration filling him. "You really should have listened to the warning," declared the tactical tracer. Shifting his stance he moved to maintain a defensive position, awaiting what he already predicted would be the rogue researchers next move.

“Such ignorance,” Blut yelled. “Your laws mean nothing to me, I am beyond them. Just as I am beyond you.”