Sunday, March 27, 2011

An Unexpscted Trace - Part 4.

Thoughts raced through Erael's brain as he made his way back to a shimmer-cloaked Albatross. Not needing to await the command MIRV transmitted the appropriate series of authentication protocols that would permit the vessel to disengage it's security procedure. Without a break in stride, Erael passed right through the wall of force the ship had deployed only a fraction of a second after it had deactivated. Purpose drove him as he reached to open the hatch, his mind already considering various approaches to tracing this quarry.

Once on board, Erael Rynn made his way immediately to his chart table, calling up all current data on the local systems. "MIRV, prep the ship and make for orbit." The trace had begun, and Erael was already letting himself get lost in it. "And give me a précis compiled on all data regarding the quarry immediately." Like clockwork, MIRV initiated the familiar routine and had the ship ready and on it’s way into orbit in mere minutes. A scan of all data presented by the colonies magistrate coupled with a few accesses of some public and private nodes and MIRV had plenty of information to formulate an effective précis on their subject.

Deep in careful examination of the charts before him, Erael surprised his companion when he broke the silence. Tapping to bring up more detail on an area, the silent seeker queried; “MIRV, the précis I asked for?” MIRV’s processor organized and compiled the data as fast as it could, sorting and grouping various reports and records into a concise overview. After a few moments the little oracle orb responded. “Apologies, sir, it appears local site records for research post Grenier were destroyed. I was forced to access other nodes to gather the required data.”

Erael’s full attention turned it’s focus to MIRV, awaiting the flow of information that would help him gather an idea of what he was tracing. He never traced anything blindly, and in that regard MIRV had long ago proven valuable. A green beam of light shot out of MIRV and formed itself into a holographic display of a man that rotated and changed views. “The fugitive, one Oliver Blut, stands 5 feet 4 inches and weights approximately 108 pounds. His most recent post was a research facility named Grenier, where he preformed low level functions. Blut has been cited numerous times for disregard of ethical protocol and issues with coworkers. He is in his mid 30’s and has never received a promotion, instead he has been shuffled about several locations until landing at Grenier 3 months ago. It is believed he may have accidentally stumbled upon some research on genetic splicing that had been logged with an improper security level. After unusual activity was reported an official an investigation was launched that discovered a handful of local disappearances resulting in unethical experimentation on unwilling civilians. While attempting to apprehend Blut the rogue researcher endeavored to destroy site records that led to the facilities destruction and his escape.”

“List known former posts Blut was stationed, and narrow to include those no longer active.” An idea had sprang to Erael’s mind; if this researcher was anti-social and unethical he may run to a familiar place, isolated, but one where he could continue experimenting. If that was the case, it would only be a matter of time before he would return to expand upon his experiments with fresh subjects. 

“Of the known posts there are 3 that match criteria. However, 2 are already near completion on salvaging and the other, one Hybern has only had an initial decommissioning about a month ago. No activity on site since. It is 30 light-minutes from our present location.” As MIRV completed his answer, Erael was already calling up a course projection for Hybern.

His prismatic eyes were piercingly hawk like as they turned back up to look at MIRV. “It will take any other vessel at least 10 hours to make that, minimum and by then, if he has received wind of it, Blut could be gone again. We can make that in 5.”

“MIRV, set course for Hybern, and give me a layout and full schematics of the facility to review in route. I have plans to prepare.”