Friday, March 11, 2011

Grizzly-Bar - Part 5.

The airlock hissed open, it’s pneumatic release a familiar greeting that welcomed Grizzly. He never would of imagined that a little ship like Noble Steed could ever be home. And yet here he stood, supporting a wounded Ace, in what couldn’t be described as anything but a snafu. Relief and comfort filled him as he turned his attention to assessing wounds.

Ace was near unconscious, no longer able to stand. The combination of drink and a barrage of stun blasts had really done a number on him. And since Grizzly couldn’t fly them out of this situation, not to mention he needed Ace awake to properly chew out, he set to work reviving his crew mate.

Grizzly reached into an open med-kit he left out and produced a nanomed injector and selected an appropriate injection to help stabilize Ace. Within seconds the nanites went to work, repairing nerve damage and helping to remove toxins. They rapidly spread throughout the body releasing endorphins and dopamine before the little minuscule medics themselves broke down, their limited lifespan complete.

“I think I’m going to need another drink,” Ace awoke with a groan, rubbing at his forehead. “Let me guess, another fine mess, and now I need to do my share to see us clear, that about it?”

“Pretty much,” Grizzly replied already moving his attention to his own wounds. Mostly minor, some singed fur and a few moderate surface burns. He did notice a patch of skin that had exposed the fine metal mesh that had been implanted when he joined the drop squads. Acting like a sort of Faraday cage it was standard issue to help marines reduce or nullify stun based attacks, an unconscious marine was no good in a fight. Pointing at the exposed mesh Grizzly looked to Ace, who was now standing trying to let his head clear. “You know this would of done you a lot of good back there.”

Shaking his head Ace chuckled, “And deny you all that fun? What kind of friend would I be then?”  A playful smile returned to the wily pilot’s face, as he looked back at Grizzly. “I’ll get ‘er prepped, you see to yourself, and with any luck we’ll be long gone shortly.”

A quick injection saw to Grizzly’s exposed flesh as he watched nanites go to work accelerating pink tissue as it knit itself back together. While he let it take effect he decided to head over to his other ship-board duties as gunner’s mate. Checking ships sensors his heart skipped a beat, an ADU light cruiser was already in orbit. “Ace we need to be saying our goodbyes and fast. We have ADU in orbit, we’re running out of time.”

At the helm Ace frantically primed the ships systems for take off. “I’m on it Grizz!” With everything looking to be in order he slapped at the mag-lock tethers to release, and nothing happened. Tethered to the station there was no way Noble Steed would be going anywhere. “We got a problem big guy!”

Shouting in unison a single word echoed through the ship…


To be continued in Part 1 of Trust a Twitchy Technician!