Thursday, March 31, 2011

An Unexpscted Trace - Part 8.

Blut was now little more than a howling horror as he blitzed after his attacker. Erael rolled and parried, keeping his defenses up as much as possible. The occasional opening in Blut's attacks allowing for additional reminders of the riot staff's presence. Dizziness began to grip at the mutated beasts' mind, and as angry as it was confusion began to set in. Slashing and rending at the skilled swordsman, something caught at it's eye.

The exit Just there not much further down the hall. A quick crack of the staff sent Blut's head spinning further, but as he turned to retaliate his target spun aside. Erael Rynn appeared to be clutching at his various wounds and trying to flee. Seeing an opportunity, what little cognition left to the former Terran screamed to make for the exit. To be free from this bested Tracer.

In a full run for the doorway, he barely had time to registered a series of clicks and beeps before a chain of bright flashes of light blossomed into life. Concussive shock-waves slammed the mutated fugitive like a pinball down the corridor bouncing from one to the next. With a hard stop, now partially deaf he found himself falling unconscious as blocks of foam engulfed his limbs and torso. The adhesive charges had managed to halt his ricocheted ride and held firm.

Floating up from the shadows MIRV broke the sudden silence. "Looks like the plan worked." Erael removed his hands from what had only been minor wounds, to reveal a remote trigger and a large grin. "Always does, MIRV."

With an unconscious and restrained Blut now safely placed in confinement, MIRV prepared Albatross for lift off. The Comm screen blinked to life displaying a message marked urgent, it's sender; Gideon Coromaur. "What does he want this time," Erael remarked with a sigh. "It says, sir, he requests you for a job," MIRV explained. "Apparently he would like you to escort a Pathenian by the name Ashkar to retrieve an item. The item is described as a unmarked black box measuring 3 inches by 6 inches by 1 inch, whose only distinguishing feature is a single jack port."

Scratching at his chin Erael mused aloud. "Coromaur's jobs are usually interesting." Quickly MIRV interrupted, "I should point out, there is an added warning. Coromaur has a standing condition; no one is to inspect, examine or tamper with the item in any way and it is to be brought to a pre-designated destination for deliver immediately after it's recovery."

Erael Rynn burst into a deep chuckle, and called up the details from the message. "Like I said, always interesting."

But that my friends, Is another story....